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  • everything-fonts
    Font editing and font management on the cloud. Store your fonts in the cloud, and get font information up to the glyph level using REST API.
  • Generate QR codes of phone numbers, email addresses, website urls, plain texts etc on the fly. You can decode a QR image too to get back the text.
  • Fun Generators
    Random facts API. Get random fact on a given topic, search for a fact using a topic or a text string or even store your own facts for later retrieval.
  • math tools numbers api
    Number of the day, random number generation , number facts and anything else you want to do with numbers.
  • Jokes
    Joke of the day, categorized joke access, random joke, private joke collection and everything else you need from a jokes platform.
  • theysaidso
    World's best and most popular famous quotes API. Feature rich yet simple to use.
  • Foodpairing logo

    Foodpairing API

    The API for exciting and delicious personalized recipes. Power your apps with our recommender systems driven by flavor science and AI.
  • Lorem Picsum logo

    Lorem Picsum

    Lorem Ipsum... but for photos. Lorem Picsum is a service providing easy to use, stylish placeholders.
  • random API logo
    A free, open-source API for generating random user data. Like Lorem Ipsum, but for people.