The IP2Proxy Proxy Detection Web Service allows instant detection of anonymous proxy, VPN, TOR exit nodes and search engine robots (SES) by IP address. It provides IP geolocation lookup information when a proxy is detected.

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IP2Location IP Geolocation Web Service

IP2Proxy web service is a RESTful API call for anonymous proxy detection. The REST API supports both HTTP GET or HTTPS GET. You can test this REST API easily using a web browser with simple syntax.


  • No database to download, to install or to upgrade in the server side
  • Supports 4 different type of package query with different granularity of data.
  • Supports HTTP or HTTPS queries up to 10,000 times or 1 year (whichever comes first)


  UsageTypeUsage type classification of ISP or company

  • (COM) Commercial
  • (ORG) Organization
  • (GOV) Government
  • (MIL) Military
  • (EDU) University/College/School
  • (LIB) Library
  • (CDN) Content Delivery Network
  • (ISP) Fixed Line ISP
  • (MOB) Mobile ISP
  • (DCH) Data Center/Web Hosting/Transit
  • (SES) Search Engine Spider
  • (RSV) Reserved

The Proxy Type

Proxy TypeDescription
VPNAnonymizing VPN services. These services offer users a publicly accessible VPN for the purpose of hiding their IP address.
TORTor Exit Nodes. The Tor Project is an open network used by those who wish to maintain anonymity.
DCHHosting Provider, Data Center or Content Delivery Network. Since hosting providers and data centers can serve to provide anonymity, the Anonymous IP database flags IP addresses associated with them.
PUBPublic Proxies. These are services which make connection requests on a user’s behalf. Proxy server software can be configured by the administrator to listen on some specified port. These differ from VPNs in that the proxies usually have limited functions compare to VPNs.
WEBWeb Proxies. These are web services which make web requests on a user’s behalf. These differ from VPNs or Public Proxies in that they are simple web-based proxies rather than operating at the IP address and other ports level.
SESSearch Engine Robots. These are services which perform crawling or scraping to a website, such as, the search engine spider or bots engine.

Batch Service

The IP2Proxy Batch Service supports up to 50,000 IP addresses in a single batch upload for lookup and result will return in CSV format.

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Updated on Sep 27, 2019
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